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Play Video about Periodwears High Waisted Period Swim Bottoms Test
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    Our period swimwear is not only stylish and comfortable, but also designed to provide leak-proof protection so you can enjoy the water with confidence, no matter what time of the month it is.

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    Our period swimwear bottoms have four layers of protection, with composite fleece, terry cloth, modal, and waterproof membrane materials to expand the coverage of the leak-proof gussets, giving you more confidence in the water.


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    Our vision for creating this product was to empower women to embrace their bodies and enjoy the water, regardless of their menstrual cycle. 

    We wanted to provide a solution to the common problem of feeling restricted or self-conscious during this time, and give women the confidence to swim, surf, and play with abandon. 

    By designing a high-quality, leak-proof one-piece period swimwear that offers full coverage and support, we aim to help women feel fearless and free in the water, every day of the month.

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